challenges students will face after quarantine COVID-19 COVID LHS malaysia PJ preschool in PJ Kindie love and support teachers

Upcoming Challenges Students Will Face After the Quarantine

Upcoming challenges students will face:  Families across Malaysia are adapting to constant changes caused by the COVID-19…

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2021 school year petaling Jaya Malaysia LHS little human scholars enrol child virtual learning in-school learning

What 2021 Has In Store for Schools in Malaysia

With 2021 on the horizon, many Malaysians agree it couldn’t come faster!  COVID-19 has not only changed the educational system…

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covid 19 covid-19 lockdown shut down kuala lumpur pj things to do with kids lhs petaling jaya indoors

Things to Do With Your Kids During the Covid-19 Lockdown

With Kuala Lumpur under full lockdown, many parents are left wondering what they can do to keep their kids occupied and…

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keep kids busy for hours activities for kids to do pj petaling jaya lhs little human scholars school

 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy for Hours

Keeping your kids busy for hours is something that eludes many parents.  Finding time as a new parent can be difficult –…

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jolly phonics phonetics teach child love reading pj petaling jaya little human scholars phonetic school near me Malaysia LHS

The Wonderful World of Phonetics

The benefits of teaching your child phonetics are vast.  If you think about it, young infants, babies, toddlers and children…

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why happiness is crucial to your child's success later on in life LHS petaling jaya malaysia pj school happy success successful child children kid kiddo

Why Happiness is Critical For Your Child’s Success

Who would’ve thought that happiness would make a child more successful later on in life?  As it turns out, being smart isn’t…

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stressed out child children anxiety depression toddler school in pj petaling jaya malaysia LHS Little Human Scholars preschool playschool daycare

Signs Your Child is Stressed Out

Like adults, children can get stressed out too.  With the pressures of school, hanging out with their classmates, and pleasing…

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teach children to respect their elders disrespect disrespectful how to get my child manners LHS school in PJ Petaling Jaya kindergarten teachers headmistress Little Human Scholars

Should Children Be Taught to Respect Their Elders?

In many religious texts, children are taught and encouraged to respect their elders.  This means mom, dad, teachers, aunties,…

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get my child to love school set them up for success later on in life LHS PJ petaling jaya best school near me love studying how to get my child

How to Get Your Child to Love School

Some love it, and others require a bit more persuasion – at least when it comes to getting your child to love school.   And…

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why is my child aggressive hitting tantrums hit hits other kids me little human scholars play school in PJ petaling jaya

Why is My Child Aggressive?

Is your child exhibiting aggressive behaviour?  Many parents observe a noticeable shift after their child starts school – some…

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healthy boundaries communication teach my child to set petaling jaya LHS little human scholars school in PJ no means no

Healthy Boundaries and Communication for Kids

Having and instilling healthy boundaries is important for adults as well as children.  In a world where information is at our…

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teach child to share my child kid little human scholars school in pj petaling jaya child won't share

How to Teach Your Child to Share

By kindergarten, many children begin to grasp the concept of sharing, but what about when they are younger?  By the time many…

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