challenges students will face after quarantine COVID-19 COVID LHS malaysia PJ preschool in PJ Kindie love and support teachers

Upcoming Challenges Students Will Face After the Quarantine

Upcoming challenges students will face:  Families across Malaysia are adapting to constant changes caused by the COVID-19…

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stressed out students stress levels kindie preschool pj petaling jaya preschool in pj lhs little human scholars is my kid stressed out how to tell what to do

Rising Stress Levels in Students, & What You Can Do About It

Rising stress levels in students have been yet another side effect of COVID-19.  Threats to their own and their family’s…

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children students brain fog how to get rid of it COVID schools Malaysia PJ Petaling Jaya LHS Little Human Scholars

Students and COVID Brain Fog – What You Need to Know

One of several unusual symptoms that have emerged in COVID-19 patients is something called “brain fog” or “COVID brain.”…

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covid affected children educational system petaling jaya malaysia MY reading and maths Phase 2 October 3rd

How COVID Affected the Educational System

It's no question that COVID affected the world and changed the very way we live, and Malaysia’s educational system is no…

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2021 school year petaling Jaya Malaysia LHS little human scholars enrol child virtual learning in-school learning

What 2021 Has In Store for Schools in Malaysia

With 2021 on the horizon, many Malaysians agree it couldn’t come faster!  COVID-19 has not only changed the educational system…

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lhs school in pj enrol in 2021 school year kindie kindergarten virtual learning best curriculum online in person Petaling jaya PJ

Enrol Your Child in the 2021 School Year

The 2020 school year has come to a close and it has not only changed the educational system in Malaysia, but it has catapulted…

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lhs ministry of education malaysia school closing lockdown covid-19 coronavirus pj petaling jaya

How Covid-19 has Changed Schools in Malaysia

Covid-19 has changed schools in Malaysia.  In fact, everything has changed – from the way we work to the way we learn.  2020…

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discipline with love LHS malaysia petaling jaya school coronavirus pandemic quarantine 2020

How to Discipline with Love During the Pandemic

Being a parent to small children is no easy feat – and learning how to discipline with love can take practice, patience and…

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LHS Coronavirus Partial Lockdown

LHS School Coronavirus Safety Measurements

Let’s face it, parents, caregivers, teachers and guardians have all been navigating this difficult time with the Coronavirus…

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LHS United we stand coronavirus emotional support Little Human Scholars School in PJ Petaling Jaya

LHS – We Stand Separated But United

This partial lockdown has impacted Malaysia in many ways – economically, mentally, fiscally, and emotionally.  As such, we…

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pros and cons of in school learning in-school online virtual coronavirus pandemic whats best

Pros & Cons of In-School Learning in Light of the Coronavirus

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live, including the methods and…

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online classroom pros and cons of virtual learning covid-19 coronavirus school in pj hands on online curriculum

Pros & Cons of Online Learning

With more and more families opting for online learning amidst the Coronavirus epidemic, it’s no wonder many schools and…

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