The benefits of teaching your child phonetics are vast.  If you think about it, young infants, babies, toddlers and children of all ages are in a near constant state of learning and discovery, and often parents who know this want to enrol them in an early childhood programme immediately.  This is why it is so important to cultivate their imaginations, creative capabilities and cognitive processes as early as possible by providing them a stimulating play environment. Children have a tendency to learn through playing – giving them a playful environment nurtures their abilities to retain information and develop mentally, emotionally and physically!


But in today’s modern world, many schools and daycare centres don’t offer a stimulating environment.  So, picking a place that puts an emphasis on early childhood learning is no small task, especially when you live in PJ!


On one hand, there are a lot of schools, kindergartens, preschools and daycare centres to choose from in PJ, but finding the RIGHT centre in PJ which puts an emphasis on phonetics is a major key in providing a conducive environment for your child, infant and/or toddler.


Teaching children to read faster can be done by breaking down the end goal into segments and stages.  Especially when it comes to reading, many children learn the ABC song first, then learn to recognise the letters, then learn the sounds and so on.  Some children pick phonetics up quite easily and others seem uninterested in what is being taught.  This is where a creative teaching style can really support a child in their development and Little Human Scholars in PJ has a very creative way of teaching phonics


The Benefits of Teaching Phonics to Children

At Little Human Scholars, a preschool, playschool and daycare centre located in Petaling Jaya, near PJ Old Town, University Hospital, PJ New Town and Jaya 33, we use a UK based system called Jolly Phonics to teach our toddlers and students to read faster.

Jolly Phonics is an incredible teaching system whereby children first learn to recognise letters, then the sounds of the letters, then blending combinations of letters and so on until reading and comprehension is reached.  It is a multi-sensory form of education, whereby the children use visual, auditory and kinesthetic means to learning.

In other words, instead of sitting down and receiving a data-dump of information (where the children sit quietly and listen for extended periods of time to their teacher), there is a song, a dance and an action for each letter, sound, and eventually, groups of letters.  This whole-brain learning supports children in retaining more information faster, comprehending this information more fully, and in being able to utilise it over and over again in the future when more complex lessons are taught.  Here is how children and students benefit from using and practicing phonetics:

  • Sound and letter recognition is stronger in children who practise phonics
  • Sounding out unfamiliar words becomes easier, due to recognition of letters and their respective sounds
  • Understanding spelling patterns makes for easier reading of larger more complex words
  • Comprehension of the letters in a word and the SOUNDS of the letters in a word is more complete


Advantages of using Jolly Phonics

  • It’s a fun way of learning English as a language,
  • Children often experience effortless and correct pronunciation of words,
  • Children and students better understand the relationship between sounds and letters
  • Supports and improves children’s vocabulary
  • Children often experience improvised performance in spelling competitions
  • Students and children often experience improved comprehension skills

We use Jolly Phonics at Little Human Scholars preschool, playschool and daycare centre in PJ to support children in learning the basics before learning to read.  In short, phonics in and of itself can be a fun and exciting lesson for children to learn, or it can be boring; it all depends on how you teach it!  This is why jolly phonics works so well for our play-based school in PJ; there is a song, a dance and an action to follow for each letter and sound.  When learning is fun, there is no end to the education process!

About Little Human Scholars Full & Half Day Daycare in PJ

Little Human Scholars is an all-in-one childcare solution.  It is a preschool, playschool, kindergarten, nursery and full day daycare centre (with extended hours) located in the heart of PJ.


In fact, the location is one of the things which makes Little Human Scholars so sought after – it is conveniently nestled near Jalan Gasing, University hospital, PJ Old town, PJ New town, Jaya One, Jaya33, and the PJ IT Mall.


The best part is LHS has premiere services many other schools in PJ don’t offer such as full day daycare with extended hours, CCTV access for parents, and a nifty little phone app called Toddlytic which provides parents with automatic updates on their child’s development, behaviour and health checks.


With full-time guards always present at each of their locations, access to CCTV (which is in every room except the office, bathroom and kitchen areas), and very strict pick-up and drop-off rules, Little Human Scholars treats every child who walks into its hallways as one of their own children!


This place has it all:  location, safety, health, IGSCE curriculum and play-based learning.  What more could you ask for?  Did I mention they also have transportation services and offer meal plans for students?  It doesn’t get any better than that.


If you are interested in a tour of one of our centres (that’s right, there’s more than one), all you need to do is fill out the form here or call +6017-7303-025 and an LHS administrative staff will get back with you shortly!




Jana Moreno