students quit school schooling petaling jaya LHS little human scholars near me kindergarten playschool preschool near jaya one

Over 21,000 Students Quit School Between 2020 to July 2021

The education ministry has noted that some 21.316 students quit school during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This adds up to .22% of…

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Malaysia Ministry of Education 2022 in-school sessions LHS little human scholars school in pj petaling jaya

Malaysian Ministry of Education Ensures In-School Sessions for 2022

Petaling Jaya – Teachers and staff of LHS (Little Human Scholars School in PJ) are cautiously optimistic about in-school…

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Covid lhs malaysia safety updated requirements sanitisation school preschool kindergarten playschool pj petaling jaya LHS little human scholars

LHS COVID-19 Updated Safety Requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a risk to personal safety, and it has been anything but fun.  It not only has wrecked the…

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school trends post covid preschool playschool kindie daycare PJ petaling jaya near me what to expect LHS little human scholars

Tips to Get Your Child Back on Track at School

Returning to school post quarantine has taken on new meaning and a new set of worries for parents and other caregivers.…

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puberty are kids maturing faster physically younger malaysia kuala lumpur little human scholars LHS school in PJ petaling Jaya

Early Puberty: Are Kids Maturing Faster Physically?

As it turns out, kids are going through puberty at younger ages while maturing faster than ever before.  According to an…

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challenges students will face after quarantine COVID-19 COVID LHS malaysia PJ preschool in PJ Kindie love and support teachers

Upcoming Challenges Students Will Face After the Quarantine

Upcoming challenges students will face:  Families across Malaysia are adapting to constant changes caused by the COVID-19…

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children students brain fog how to get rid of it COVID schools Malaysia PJ Petaling Jaya LHS Little Human Scholars

Students and COVID Brain Fog – What You Need to Know

One of several unusual symptoms that have emerged in COVID-19 patients is something called “brain fog” or “COVID brain.”…

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covid affected children educational system petaling jaya malaysia MY reading and maths Phase 2 October 3rd

How COVID Affected the Educational System

It's no question that COVID affected the world and changed the very way we live, and Malaysia’s educational system is no…

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preschooler preschool in pj what values should i teach my child lhs petaling jaya near me best school

10 Values to Teach Your Preschooler

The average preschooler is like a sponge:  they soak up information from their environment at a pace faster than most adults.…

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preschool in PJ covid-19 petaling jaya malaysia school extended hours near me daycare best preschool xfactor what makes the best preschool

Preschool in PJ That’s a Cut Above the Rest!

As parents, we all want to find that preschool that offers a little more, that is highest quality, and that really will help…

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preschool in PJ covid-19 petaling jaya malaysia school extended hours near me daycare best preschool

What to Look for in a Preschool in PJ

Finding the best preschool in PJ consists of understanding your own needs and wants in finding a preschool, as well as doing…

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2021 school year petaling Jaya Malaysia LHS little human scholars enrol child virtual learning in-school learning

What 2021 Has In Store for Schools in Malaysia

With 2021 on the horizon, many Malaysians agree it couldn’t come faster!  COVID-19 has not only changed the educational system…

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