The average preschooler is like a sponge:  they soak up information from their environment at a pace faster than most adults.  And while academics are important, it is also equally important to instill the right values in your child.  This way they grow up to be well-rounded individuals with a high capacity to work with others!


Why You Should Teach Your Preschooler Values

Teaching your preschooler the correct values helps them to influence the world for better.  Parents are the best examples to teach their children, followed closely by other family members and teachers. We teach our children values to help them become the best version of themselves.

If that isn’t enough, preschoolers learn by watching to see how their parents are in certain situations.  Practicing what you preach is significant, especially during this time!


10 Values to Teach Your Preschooler

  1. Honesty

For your child to develop honesty, you must be honest yourself. Tell the truth, even when it is difficult to do so!  Your preschooler is very perceptive and will take cues from you. If they see you lying, they will understand that lying is okay.

If your child lies to you, sit him down, and communicate the importance of being honest. Try not to overreact as children become fearful when yelled at.  Each time your preschooler is honest, tell him how much you appreciate his honesty. Positive reinforcement of good behaviors helps the behavior to continue.

Explaining the consequences of lying is also an important step. They need to know what happens when they lie and what happens if they tell the truth. Doing so will show them that it is always better to tell the truth.

  1. Responsibility

This is a tough concept but an important one.  It is easy to blame others for results that have unfolded… it is a completely different thing altogether to own your part in the results that unfolded.  In other words, no blame, no shame and no justification!  As soon as your child grows up, you want them to be dependable, keep commitments, and be accountable.

If you do not instill in them a sense of responsibility from an early stage, they will have a harder time in the future.  The world needs children to be responsible more than ever before. It will help them to find jobs and be successful in school as well as in their adult life. Again you start by showing responsibility for your actions.

  1. Respect

Respect is another vital value to teach your preschooler from an early age. Many parents focus so much on respecting their elders, they sometimes forget about others, such as police officers, teachers, coworkers, and even their spouses!  Again, the best way to teach this value is to demonstrate it yourself daily.  And remember to ensure to teach your children to respect everyone, no matter what age, race, religion, or status they may be.

  1. Manners

Having good manners is another essential value to teach your child. When they have good manners, they can better interact with people on a daily basis in a considerate and thoughtful way. This goes beyond the pleases and thank yous.  Manners can be practiced everywhere:  the dining table, the restroom, and especially on playdates.

  1. Perseverance

Rewarding your child rightly is a vital part of teaching values. For example, rewarding your preschooler for sticking to a task even though it would be easier to quit teaches perseverance on a grand scale.

Encourage your child to do something challenging. Encourage them to try their absolute best. When you praise your child, praise his effort rather than the finished result. This will teach him to try their best. Help your child to overcome something challenging and praise him when he does. If he is shy and talks to someone on the playground, share with him how proud you are of his accomplishments even though it was hard.

  1. Love

Love is one of the basic emotional needs of a child. Children are natural in giving love; however, if it is not reciprocated, it may not always last as they age.

Let your children see your love for them as well as others in your life. Display some affection to your spouse when they are around. Share your love both verbally and physically. In fact, finding out what your child’s love language is wouldn’t hurt!  Never let a day pass without expressing your love to your child.

Show love in unusual ways as well, not just saying, “I love you.” Leave a note in their lunch if they go to school or put a heart on their bedroom door. The more you give and show love, the more your child will as well. Soon it will become a regular part of their day.

  1. Consideration

Being thoughtful and kind to others is necessary in today’s world.  Talk about challenges and problems with your child and let her think of ways to overcome it.  Write down the solutions with her! If someone you know is sick, ask her what she believes will help them to feel better. Working with your child on these problem-solving situations will help them learn to always be on the lookout to help someone in need.

  1. Justice

It is essential to teach children to express their feelings; however, it is also equally important to help them learn the consequences of their actions. Instead of merely making your child say she’s sorry when she has done a wrong, teach her to find a way to help make it right again.

Teaching justice will help preschoolers to see the right and wrong in the world as well as help them fix the mistakes they will inevitably make. Teaching them to set a wrong with action helps them develop an ethical, strong moral compass.

  1. Happiness

The best way to teach happiness is to first be happy onto yourself!  Challenges arise in life, and happy people have a way of meeting that challenge without letting it defeat them.  Focus on the positives, reframe your thinking, and start a gratitude journal!  Having a sunny and positive outlook can do wonders for your life and your results!

  1. Courage

Courage comes when your child does something a little scary, but they do it on their own.  If you step in and do every little challenging thing for your child, they will have a harder time developing courage. Teaching them to face their fears helps them conquer hard things with courage.

Another thing to consider is to teach them to speak up if they are not comfortable or if something is bothering them. This will help them to ask questions when they are confused in school as well as gain confidence and self-esteem.


About Little Human Scholars Preschool in PJ

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