We’ve heard many parents ask us “how can I get my child to be more extroverted?”  And while it is a fair question, our answer would be to not try to get them to be something they aren’t!  Many children are sensitive, and while getting them to do chores and teaching them manners is one thing, trying to get them to change their personality is an entirely different thing.  It’s almost a way of pointing out to them that they are wrong for being how they are – and if a parent remembers being a child themselves, it doesn’t feel nice when everyone is trying to get you to be something you aren’t.


Instead of asking how you can get your child to be more extroverted, instead ask yourself, “How can I learn how to accept my child for how they are?”  This is a much more powerful question which doesn’t make your child wrong for being how they are.


How To Tell If My Child Is Introverted or Extroverted

Keep in mind, children may act differently in different social settings.  Perhaps they are comfortable around family but perhaps are quiet in school.  Or maybe when there are other children around, they are more playful and talkative whereas perhaps eating a meal with family they are more focused on their food.  Keep in mind, every child is different, and some may share similar qualities with both introverted and extroverted styles.  Here are some ways you can tell whether your child is introverted or extroverted.



Does your child get bored easily and you find the best way to keep them occupied with by having little playmates around them? This is a tendency of an extroverted child.

Do they have children surrounding them at school with a lot of friends? This is an extroverted tendency.

Is your child more open to a change in schedule?  If so, they may be more extroverted.

Extroverted children can be distracted easily by other children.

Extroverted children are open to meeting new people.  Perhaps they may be shy at first, but within a few minutes, they are comfortable with a new person in their sphere.

Extroverted children tend to make decisions quickly.

Extroverted children have no issues sharing their thoughts and opinions with others.



Do they need a break after socialising with other kids? Do they go home and want to sit still and be quiet, or do they just want to be alone?  This is a tendency of an introverted child.

If they usually only play with one or two children, they may be more introverted.

Are they speakers or listeners? Speakers tend to be more extroverted while listeners are more introverted.

Introverted children tend to be slightly more resistant to change.  They may be happier sticking with routine as opposed to having a schedule all over the place.

Introverted children tend to have a stronger focus, especially when it comes to lessons being taught in school

Introverted children tend to sit back and be more reserved around new people.  It could take a long time for them to warm up to someone new.

Introverts take more time to consider a decision rather than jumping into something new or an unfamiliar environment.

Introverts tend to share their thoughts and feelings when there is a level of trust and when prompted.


Be sure to observe your child in social settings.  They may be totally different around you than they are in school because they are comfortable with you and their home environment.  There have been many a mommy confused – they think their child is extroverted only to find out after school starts that they are more reserved, quiet and observant in the classroom.  Neither is right or wrong – it is about understanding your child and learning how to work with them instead of against them!


About Little Human Scholars Kindergarten in PJ

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With full-time guards always present at each of their locations, access to CCTV (which is in every room except the office, bathroom and kitchen areas), and very strict pick-up and drop-off rules, Little Human Scholars treats every child who walks into its hallways as one of their own children!


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Jana Moreno