Finding a full-day daycare in Petaling Jaya is not something to take lightly, especially if you are a new parent!

When a child is born, so is a mommy and a daddy: and as new parents, we do what we can to be the very best we can be for our children.  Eventually, there comes a time, usually when our children are more autonomous, where we need to go do our grown up things and let our toddlers explore other environments and places.   Many adults opt for daycare or playschool, but so many factors come into play when looking at “the right place” to send your child.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Daycare in Petaling Jaya

Aside from the usual considerations such as price and location, there are several other factors to pay attention to when choosing the right daycare for your little one:

·       Location

·       Price

·       Safety

·       Food menu

·       Sanitisation

·       The Teachers

·       Activities

·       Daily Schedule

·       Daycare Hours

·       Primary Language spoken at Daycare Centre

·       Children-to-teacher ratio

Personally, I have seen a few schools and daycare centres in the greater Kuala Lumpur area, and not all of them can boast being clean.  I understand that children play, and as such there will be toys scattered about.  I am not talking about having toys strewn across the classroom:  in fact, I find this to be refreshing!  Children need a space where they can be children!  All things considered, there have been schools and daycare centres I have visited that were dirty.  The floors were either sticky or stained, the desks and tables had a fine film of dirt coating them, and the children were playing with toys that I am positive were not sanitized (the playthings looked as if they have seen a lot of love, and had dust, dirt and other various impurities on them).  Perhaps I am a little severe on some of these daycare centres, but personally I know that children are going to pass around germs on their own, and I feel it is the school’s job to not help it along by failing to clean the toys.

This is why I love Little Human Scholars Daycare Centre in PJ.  I actually started working there in 2015, and I absolutely love this school.  Perhaps it is because I have had the honour of experiencing it inside and out.  Though I no longer work within the school, it has impacted me so much that I still continue to write these little blogs.  If we were to take all the above-mentioned points and compare as to whether or not Little Human Scholars Daycare in PJ covered those marks, I can tell you sincerely that they do.

Why Little Human Scholars Daycare in Petaling Jaya is so Successful

Your tummy starts growling, and you decide that you want to look for some food to fill it.  So you hop into your car and start perusing the streets when you come across two mamak restaurants side-by-side.  You notice that one is jammed-packed with people who are lining up to have their order taken, and the other one has one or two patrons in it.  Which one would you go to?  If you are a Malaysian, then most definitely the one that is busy.  The food must be worth the wait!

Little Human Scholars Daycare in PJ, though they only opened their doors in 2014, has already expanded to two centres in 2016.  Aside from that, they offer services that other daycare centres in PJ don’t offer such as:

·       CCTV access for parents via mobile phone

·       Transportation services

·       Full meal plans

·       Comprehensive activity plans for students

·       Daily sanitisation procedures (both for children AND for the toys they play with)

·       Passionate and caring teachers who nurture and love their students

·       Full-time security guards

·       Potty-training services

·       Full-day daycare in PJ (7:30am – 7:00pm)

In summary, Little Human Scholars full daycare centre in PJ is definitely worth looking into.  Located near University Hospital, Jaya One, Jaya33, PJ New Town and PJ Old Town, it is the best daycare centre in PJ in my opinion!

Jana Moreno