Last week, Little Human Scholars Kindergarten, preschool, playschool and daycare centre in PJ hosted a week long school holiday programme for their students.  The theme?  It was all about learning through play!

For the week of April 25th – April 29th, the children at Little Human Scholars kindergarten had a blast playing, learning with one another and doing arts, crafts and even a bit of cooking!

Here is what the holiday programme schedule looked like:

On Monday, there was a music and movement class followed by arts and crafts where the children made little lady bugs!  Music and movement is all about listening to, singing and marching along with the beat.  This is a great activity that the children really loved.

On Tuesday, Little Human Scholars hosted science exploration day!  They learned by means of experimenting with solids, gas and liquids.  After that activity, everyone painted a little sunset for mom and dad!

Wednesday was cooking day for the children, and we all had a blast using cookie cutters on our finger-food sandwiches.  We learned about healthy foods and ate our yummy sandwiches before having a sand castle competition which was a huge hit with the kids!

Thursday brought with it gardening.  The children learned about herbs, how to plant seeds, and all the things a plant needs to grow big and strong.  We got our hands dirty, but the children loved planting and watering our little on-site garden.  We then went into building-mode and built and aircraft out of blocks while learning about this mode of transportation!

Last but certainly not least, Friday came and all the children brought their swimsuits so we could play out in our little swimming pool!  There were balls, bubbles and more fun which boded nicely with the hot weather we were having all week long.  After rinsing ourselves and drying off, we made kites!!

All in all, the holiday programme was a huge success!  The students and children learned through play, the teachers had a fantastic time with the kids, and we are looking forward to our next holiday programme happening in August 22nd – August 26th later this year.  If you would like to register early for this particular holiday programme, simply call 017-7303 025.

Also, if you are looking to register your child in an awesome learn through play kindergarten, preschool or playschool in PJ, you are eligible for a free one-week trial!  All you have to do is register here and fill out the form.

Wishing you all the best!

Jana Moreno