Parents love Little Human Scholars centers in PJ.  Whether they take care of a mommy’s two-month-old, two-year-old, or are readying them for primary school, Little Human Scholars keeps growing, and for many good reasons.

  1. Safety

They have full-time guards at each of their locations who are strict about who is let in and out of the school and daycare grounds.

  1. Sanitisation

With daily sanitisation protocols for the children, LHS takes all the right precautions to keep all the students and children happy, safe and healthy.

  1. Healthy Meal Plans

If you don’t have extra time to make a daily lunch for your child, Little Human Scholars offers healthy meal options for a small fee to make your day run smoothly.  You already have enough to worry about!

  1. Transportation services

Little Human Scholars offers parents transportation services before and after school.  Again, they know you have a busy schedule and accommodate by offering additional services many schools in PJ don’t offer.

  1. Extended Hours

Have a busy work event on the weekend?  No problem!  Just let Little Human Scholars know a week or two in advance and they can watch your child for an additional fee.

  1. Baby-sitting services

Need a baby-sitter during off hours?  As stated above, if you give them plenty of notice they will ensure someone is around to take care of your child – just give them a week or two notice!

  1. Amazing Academic Programmes

With amazing programmes like Jolly Phonics, reading becomes easy and fun for your child.

  1. Even More-Amazing Teachers and Nannies!

Little human Scholars is particular in their vetting process for who can be hired and who is not allowed.  A strict background check and an ongoing critiquing process ensure the school and staff is constantly on its’ toes offering the best possible service to you and your child!

And while all of these are great reasons parents love this school, the one we are focusing on today has to do with one big thing…it is the basis of all relationships, whether personal or professional, and it is why parents literally rave about this school.  What is that thing?  COMMUNICATION!

As you may have heard by now, not only does Little Human Scholars offer CCTV access for all their students, but they are one of the very few schools in Malaysia which extends that service to parents via a free phone app.  That’s right – you can check in on your child any time of the day to see what they are up to and to see how the teachers run the classes and programmes.

This app is amazing, and it does more than simply grant CCTV access to parents, but parents receive real-time updates on how their child is doing.  The moment a student enters the school, daycare or nursery, their hands are sanitised and they are given a health-check.  Their temperature is taken, they are checked from head to toe daily for any scrapes, bumps or bruises and then they are sent to their classroom!  You can see the update as it happens from the comfort of your phone.

The app is called Toddlytic, and aside from checking attendance, health and granting you CCTV access, it also provides you with up-to-date progress reports, private messaging to school officials, and even shows the social-emotional development of your child.

Toddlytic is an amazing phone app which Little Human Scholars playschool, preschool, nursery, daycare and kindergarten gives freely to the parents of students enroled.  Additionally, it was custom-created for Little Human Scholars centre itself – so there really is no other school that offers the same app as LHS does!

If you are interested in seeing why so many parents are raving about Little Human Scholars playschool, preschool, nursery, daycare and kindergarten in Petaling Jaya, near University Hospital, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town, Jaya One, Jaya33, IT Mall and Jalan Gasing, feel free to pop in or schedule a walk-through.  An administrator will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have!  Click here to register for your free week trial today!

Jana Moreno