First and foremost, it isn’t easy finding a perfect caretaker for your child.  Regardless if they are in nursery, playschool, preschool or kindergarten, finding the best care with the best teachers is something all parents look for.  With daycare centres especially, many parents fear their child will be neglected or there will be too many other children to take care of.  This is where Little Human Scholars is different:  they ensure not only to provide your child with the affection and necessities they need to grow and develop, but they also have strict policies on the number of nannies per number of children.  In fact, the daycare’s bylaws state there needs to be at least one nanny per three children.  This is where Little Human Scholars delivers above and beyond what is expected:  they understand parents have enough on their plate to worry about and they provide the best possible nursery and daycare centre a parent could hope for AND they take in children as young as two months old!


What to Look for in a Good Daycare in PJ


  1. Transparency

Where many schools boast CCTV access, how many actually give that access to the parents?  At Little Human Scholars Daycare in PJ, the moment a student is registered, their parents and guardians receive CCTV access via an amazing phone app called Toddlytic.

This phone app doesn’t just grant CCTV access, but you get real time updates on attendance, health PJ checks, progress reports and your child’s behaviour throughout the day.  One of the reasons this app is so successful is it was created by teachers for teachers – and with a user-friendly interface, it makes it easy even for digitally challenged parents (like me)!

  1. Daycare Programmes

Whether you’ve enroled your kindergartener in daycare or your two-month-old infant, it is of the utmost importance to ensure they continue growing and developing through playtime.  Little Human Scholars Daycare in PJ has a list of daycare programmes for children of all ages to ensure their homework is complete and/or their little minds stay active and engaged.

  1. Sanitisation

Especially with younger children, whenever you enroll your child in a daycare programme or playschool for the first time, your child is bound to go through a phase of adjusting to germs and bacteria.  Where many daycare centres and schools give a once-over dusting, Little Human Scholars daycare ensures all the centres are sanitized daily…this means the toys, the workstations, pencils, crayons and so forth are santised to minimise the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

  1. Disciplinary Style

Where many schools in Malaysia revert back to an outdated form of disciplining, such as embarrassing the children, calling them names or even resorting to a physical act like hitting a child’s hands, Little Human Scholars does NOT resort to, nor condone, acts of violence in this way – whether verbal, physical, mental or emotional.  Using a time-out system, Little Human Scholars daycare in PJ supports children in discovering for every action they take, there is a consequence.  Some consequences are favourable while others are not.  Additionally, Little Human Scholars is also in the habit of applauding favorable behaviour over punishing bad behaviour.

  1. Safety

With full-time security guards at each centre, and CCTV access on the perimetres of each school, we ensure no one is allowed in or out without clearance first.  No exceptions.  Little Human Scholars never sends a child home with someone other than the parents without the parents first notifying management.


If you are interested in enroling your child (between the ages of two-months-old to 6-years-old) at Little Human Scholars daycare centre in PJ, feel free to contact our centre at +6017-7303-025.  Conveniently located, this daycare centre is near Jalan University, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town, PJ IT Mall, Jaya One and Jaya33.   Pop in and say hello!

Jana Moreno