Job hunting can be fun and exciting, but it can also be very stressful and disheartening for teachers.  One of the things many teachers forget when they are looking for a school to work in is that an interview with a potential employer is a two-way street:  one that is just as much the teacher scoping out the school as it is the employer scoping out the teacher.

One of the things I have seen a lot of when hiring teachers in PJ is that teachers come into the school and have an air of feeling unworthy, or of trying to impress whoever is in charge of hiring.  This is the wrong attitude to have when getting hired.  The person that impresses me is one who walks in, is shamelessly themselves and isn’t worried about getting hired or not, but instead cares about finding a right fit for themselves career-wise.  In short, if you find what school is in alignment with your values and vice versa, you probably have secured yourself a career for a very long time.

So the first tip to this article is this:  remember that a job-hunting is a two-way street.  It is just as much about you finding what is a good fit for you as a teacher as it is for the school.

What Teachers Should Look For When Job Hunting

1.      Is the school a right fit for your disciplinary procedures?

What kind of teacher are you?  Are you a gentle nurturer or are you strict and tough?  If a child acts up in class, do you put them in time-out, do you scold them or do you discipline them by some other means?  More importantly, how does the school discipline the students?

2.      What hours are you looking for and what is available?

Many teachers are still working on their higher education, or have young families to take care of so time may be an important factor to consider.  Are you looking for full-time or part-time work?

3.      Is there segregation between management and the staff, or is everyone considered “family” at the school?

This was something that I always held very near and dear to my heart.  I don’t want to go to a school where politics are in play all the time and I have to figure out who to be the nicest to on the management team.  I feel that everyone should be treated equally, whether it is the nanny, the security guard or the principal.  Finding a school that doesn’t play politics will help your fulfillment and joy in the long run.

4.      What is your teaching style?

Schools often offer different teaching styles depending on the class, the level of students and the school’s culture.  Are you someone who likes to get in and play with the kids while teaching them, or do you like to stand at the front of the class and instruct?  Are you someone who expects all the children to be quiet and listen at all times, or do you allow a little leeway for those toddler “jitters?”

After considering all these facts, and if everything feels right so far and is in alignment with your personal and professional values, then it is time to look at the salary being offered.

Little Human Scholars School in PJ is Hiring

Little Human Scholars preschool, playschool, kindergarten, nursery and daycare in PJ currently has three positions open.  This includes openings for a preschool teacher, a playschool teacher and a daycare facilitator.

Conveniently located near University Hospital, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town, Jaya One, Jaya 33 and Jalan Gasing, Little Human Scholars prides itself on hiring and retaining nurturing, compassionate, loving and supportive teachers who treat their students like their own children.

Offering full CCTV coverage to parents, Little Human Scholars is in the midst of expanding and prides itself on providing a safe environment for all of its’ students and staff.

If you are interested in applying for a job at Little Human Scholars, click here and fill out the form, a representative will get back to your shortly.

Until we meet, happy job-hunting!

Jana Moreno