Let’s be honest, finding a good job in today’s market isn’t always easy, especially if teachers are looking for long-term teaching positions in Petaling Jaya.  One of the most important things teachers can do while looking for a job is to be picky about the schools they are applying to.  The reason being is the main goal is to find a school that you love, with amazing children and awesome staff who treat you like family instead of as “just another employee.”

Little Human Scholars Sdn Bhd is expanding, they are hiring and are offering teaching jobs in PJ to qualified, friendly and nurturing teachers!  Our playschool, preschool, daycare and nursery located near University hospital we has openings available for fun, creative and interactive teachers to support us in expanding and growing our LHS family!

At Little Human Scholars kindergarten, we value our teachers; after all, they are the custodians of our students, and therefore, our future.  The way our teachers lead, teach and support our children’s growth is vital to our nation, and to the world as a whole.  This is why we take our jobs so seriously – we just have fun while doing it!

We Are Hiring Teachers in PJ:

  • Playschool Teacher (full-time)
  • Daycare Teacher (full-time)
  • Baby Programme Facilitator (full-time)

Little Human Scholars is a playschool, preschool, nursery and daycare centre in PJ that prides itself on its’ family atmosphere.  Located near University Hospital, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town, Jaya One and Jaya33, all the teachers we employ get along with one another.  This not only promotes a friendly and fun work environment, but it increases the joy and satisfaction of all our staff. We have a very harmonious team and the management is always open to suggestions and works very closely with the teachers, drivers, guards and other staff without picking favorites.

With all of the teaching positions available, keep in mind that while we are looking for specific characteristics in qualified individuals, hiring is always a two-way street.  It isn’t about teachers coming in to fill our positions as much as it is about us finding a good fit AS WELL AS being a good fit for our new teachers.

One very important attribute we are looking for in teachers is not only their ability to connect and interact with the children but also having fun while teaching is a must.  We do not condone hiring teachers that are rude, mean or short with any of our students, and having a winning attitude with a team-player mindset is crucial.

In other words, we are looking for a well-educated, qualified child trapped in a teacher’s body!  Passion is one of the qualities we are looking for:  if you don’t love teaching, then Little Human Scholars may not be a good fit for you.  We are looking for people who GET OUT THERE and PLAY with the children in the classroom, on the playground and love having fun with the children!  If a teacher loves what they do, educating our future generations becomes effortless.

Teaching Positions Available!!  Qualities We Are Looking for in Our Teachers:

  • Teachers with early childhood development is a big bonus (experience is a bonus also);
  • Teachers who are fun and energetic;
  • Teachers who are emotionally mature/can handle constructive feedback and work well with other teachers;
  • Teachers with above-average written and spoken English;
  • Teachers who interact with their class and the children in the school;
  • Teachers who practice loving disciplinary measures as opposed to violent or harsh disciplinary measures;
  • Teachers who LOVE teaching and playing with children aged three months to six years old;
  • Teachers who are not afraid to express their viewpoints to management;
  • Teachers who are committed to excellence and are passionate about teaching;
  • Teachers who are interested in growing and expanding with us;
  • Teachers who practice punctuality consistently.

If you have had past experience as a nanny, teacher or teacher’s aide, and are looking for a fun, fresh work environment with energetic children and friendly coworkers, then Little Human Scholars kindergarten in PJ may be the place for you, and we look forward to receiving your CV or resumé.

If you feel interested in securing a long-term position at Little Human Scholars, feel free to email your resumé to enquiry@littlehumanscholars.com.my and a representative will be with you shortly to schedule an interview.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Jana Moreno