Being a new mummy and daddy is a whirlwind of emotions and the last thing on your mind is finding the right nursery in PJ!  Parenthood is new, exciting, terrifying and every emotion in between, and while many organisations and businesses in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and surrounding areas offer maternity leave, it can feel as if it is over too soon!  So here are some tips to set you and your baby up for success before you go back to the daily grind!

  1. Wash your hands frequently;
  2. Check your infant’s diaper frequently;
  3. Make sure your floors are cleaned daily without harmful chemicals (so baby can have tummy-time on the floor);
  4. Note your child’s sleeping schedule (and promote all-night sleeping);
  5. Get your child on an eating schedule;
  6. Schedule lots of time for play with and without company;
  7. Have your child’s scheduled listed out before enroling them into a daycare centre and nursery in PJ.

Before going back to work, it is important to start searching for a daycare or nursery which suits you and your child’s needs.  Having your child’s schedule on hand will support the daycare centre or nursery of your choice to understand how to work with your infant better.

Most nurseries take children as young as two months old, such as Little Human Scholars, but it is important to ask first and be certain.  Some only take children six months and older while others only allow children two years and older to be enroled.

Full Time Daycare and Nursery in Petaling Jaya

Finding the right babysitter in Petaling Jaya for your infant is no easy feat.  There are so many things to consider, and let’s not mention some of the stories we hear in the news.  While many are blessed with stay-at-home parents or grandparents who do not live so far away, it leaves the rest of the working moms and dads wanting a trustworthy babysitter, nanny or daycare centre within their own neighborhood.

In a daycare centre or nursery many parents fear their child will be neglected or there will be too many other babies to take care of.  This is where Little Human Scholars is different:  they ensure to not only provide your child with the affection and necessities they need, but they also have strict policies on the number of nannies per number of children.  Did you know the daycare’s bylaws state there needs to be at least one nanny per three children?  This is where Little Human Scholars delivers above and beyond what is expected:  they understand parents have enough on their plate to worry about and they provide the best possible nursery and daycare centre a parent could hope for.

It is recommended the parents come in and visit the facility for themselves.  This way they can look around, meet the staff and see how Little Human Scholars runs their nursery and full day daycare in Petaling Jaya.  The staff and nannies at Little Human Scholars understand the challenge and struggle parents face, which is why they offer an amazing baby programme in PJ.  If you are interested in enroling your child into Little Human Scholars’ baby programme, or if you would like to enquire further or see one of their facilities for yourself, simply click here and fill out the form.  You can also call +6017 7303 024 and a representative will get back with you shortly.

Wishing you all the best in finding the right nanny, nursery and/or daycare centre in PJ!

Jana Moreno