It’s happening again – Little Human Scholars Nursery, Preschool, Daycare and Kindergarten in PJ is expanding again!  Little Human Scholars was founded by Bheeshma Jeyasingam in 2014 with one centre in the heart of PJ.  In 2015, this premiere nursery in PJ expanded again to a second centre near PJ Old Town, PJ New Town, Jaya One, Jaya33, University Hospital, IT Mall and Jalan Gasing…. The best news is Little Human Scholars’ school in PJ is expanding AGAIN before the end of this year.

Nursery, Preschool, Playschool, Daycare and Kindergarten in PJ

Finding the right kindergarten in PJ, playschool and daycare centre isn’t just vital for the parents’ busy working schedule; it is also important to pick a place that best supports your child in learning, growing and discovering themselves.  Location is also another important factor for many parents throughout Kuala Lumpur.  This is why we at Little Human Scholars (LHS for short) is debuting our NEW centre in the heart of PJ next to our other two centres.

The first centre boasted four classrooms which housed the nursery, playschool, preschool and full day daycare.  After much expansion and growth, we opened the second centre within a kilometer of the first school, near Pandis restaurant – we separated the classes at this point.  The original centre kept the preschoolers and morning daycare goers, while the second centre opened its’ nursery and playschool there.

With over 25 staff, LHS is opening their third centre – this one will specifically serve the nursery which has grown exponentially over the few short years it has been open.

Little Human Scholars Unique Learning Techniques for its’ Kindergarten in PJ

Research ( shows that children soak up knowledge most effectively in an active setting whereby they can play with materials, investigate, observe, experiment, inquire, draw conclusions and interact with others.  This is why Little Human Scholars uses such a wide range of teaching techniques; every child is unique and requires a different learning style.

We have an Interactive White Board and a Smart Table to help in this process as well. In the few years that your child immerses him/herself in Little Human Scholars’ curriculum activities, you will find that his/her depth of knowledge has expanded beyond belief. We are determined to make this happen for every child.

Activities will engage all the children in meaningful experiences which will be the foundations for:

  • reading and writing
  • problem solving
  • manipulating materials
  • speaking and listening
  • viewing and thinking
  • forming concepts and ideas about numbers

Not only do we attribute the success of our school and daycare centre to the playful learning structure, but also to the additional services we offer parents.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Quality Educators.
  • Health and wellness procedures.
  • Sanitisation and cleanliness.
  • Additional services like transportation, meals, daycare etc.
  • Additional features like FREE CCTV access via the Toddlytic Phone App for parents.

If you are interested in registering your child in Little Human Scholars kindergarten in PJ near Jaya One, simply click here and fill out the form or call +6017-7303 025 to schedule a walk through with one of their staff members.  Whether you are looking for childcare for a two-month-old, or for full day care with meals and transportation included, or just a simple half-day school Monday through Friday, Little Human Scholars kindergarten is one school that truly caters to their students AND the parents.


Wishing you happy parenting experiences!!

Jana Moreno