With infants, anything can happen.  Hiring a nanny who knows basic first aide not only can save your child’s life, but it puts your mind at ease while you are off working or running errands.  Your child’s health and well-being is paramount!

Coincidentally, finding a live-in or part-time nanny can not only be time-consuming, but it can get expensive….unless you go the cheap route.  If you are anything like me, I like to do a little research before putting my child’s life in the hands of another.  Often, parents ask themselves whether or not hiring a nanny or putting their child in a daycare centre in PJ is in their highest interest.  Here, we came up with a few pros and cons of both to make your life easier!

Nannies Pros and Cons

First, we will look at the pros and cons of hiring an in-house nanny.

Pros of hiring a nanny over a daycare centre in PJ: 

Travel time is reduced as there is no need to drop your child off at a centre or facility.

Nannies can often follow your child’s personal schedule.

Nannies often cook for your child/make baby food per your request.

Depending on the nanny, it can be cheaper than enroling your child in a daycare centre in PJ (though sometimes “cheap” isn’t always the best option…especially when it comes to your child).

Nannies can often work on the weekends.

Daycare centres often train their staff on first aide in the event of an emergency AND has procedures and protocol in place to ensure their children, babies and infants are safe.


Cons of hiring a nanny over a daycare centre in PJ:

It becomes difficult for your child to interact with other children.  This can hinder their social skills.

You have to research to ensure you hire a respectable nanny who operates out of integrity – there are too many horror stories in the papers, and you don’t want to add yourself to them!

Not all nannies support your child’s development (games, activities, songs, etc).  Sometimes they feel their job is to simply “watch” your child, and interaction is low.

Children may form a stronger bond with the nanny than the parents (especially if mom and dad work a lot).

Not all nannies are fluent in English.

Not all nannies know basic first-aide – this is handy to know if your child starts choking on a piece of food or hurts themselves.

Daycare Pros and Cons

Pros of enroling your child in a daycare in PJ:

It’s in PJ which is a prime location for those who either live and/or work in PJ.

Social interaction between your child and other children increases, supporting your child in forming important social bonds paramount to future success.

Abuse is less common in daycare centres.

Depending on the daycare centre, it can be cheaper than hiring an in-house or live-in nanny.


Cons of enroling your child in a daycare in PJ

Not all daycare centres in PJ offer extended hours (unless it is Little Human Scholars full day daycare centre in PJ)

Not all daycare centres cook for your child or infant (unless, again it is Little Human Scholars full day daycare centre in PJ)

Not all daycare centres have CCTV access for parents so they can check in on their child (unless it is Little Human…you get the picture)!


In summary, whatever you feel the pros and cons are to hiring a nanny versus enroling your child in a daycare centre in PJ, Little Human Scholars has taken the guess-work out of providing children and parents with all that is needed.

Here are some of the services Little Human Scholars daycare centre in PJ provides for parents who need that little extra:

  • CCTV access for parents via mobile phone
  • Transportation services
  • Full meal plans
  • Comprehensive activity plans for students
  • Daily sanitisation procedures (both for children AND for the toys they play with)
  • Passionate and caring teachers and in-house nannies who nurture and love their students
  • Full-time security guards
  • Potty-training services
  • Full-day daycare in PJ (7:30am – 7:00pm)

In short, finding a full day daycare centre in PJ near University hospital, Jaya One, Jaya33, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town, IT Mall and Jalan Gasing doesn’t have to cost a fortune AND you don’t have to give up all the pros to hiring a nanny instead.  Our philosophy is to treat every child like family, and we do this by providing excellent service for reasonable prices and for going beyond the usual call of duty.

If you are interested in registering your child in Little Human Scholarsdaycare centre simply click here and fill out the form or call +6017-7303 025 to schedule a walk through with one of their staff members.  Whether you are looking for childcare for a 2-month-old, or for full day care with meals and transportation included, or just a simple half-day school Monday through Friday, Little Human Scholars kindergarten is one school that truly caters to their students AND the parents while keeping everyone happy,  safe and healthy!

Until next time!

Jana Moreno