Little Human Scholars in PJ is hiring special needs teacher!

Being in the education line is no small task.  It requires patience, knowledge, experience and love.  And if you are a special needs teacher then you know that you need all of these qualities in huge quantities!

Little Human Scholars currently has a special needs wing that requires a very special, compassionate and skilled special-needs teacher.  That’s right, we are hiring special needs teachers in PJ.  Keep in mind that just because you may be a qualified special needs teacher does not mean that you will automatically be hired.

Our preschool, playschool, daycare and nursery in Petaling Jaya has very high standards for their staff.  If you are looking for an easy job to make some money, then this will not be the job for you.  We look for friendly, patient and bubbly people who put a little extra in their day-to-day efforts, because our boutique preschool in PJ is not your average run-of-the-mill school:  it is a top-notch play-based school that practices impeccable English speaking and writing and requires each teacher to rise to their best performance levels on a daily basis.

If you are a person who has a background in special-needs and has excellent English speaking and writing skills, this may be the job for you.  Aside from these qualities, here are some other points this post requires:

  • Full-time position, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
  • Patience and understanding in working with children with special needs
  • Can problem-solve and trouble shoot issues within classroom
  • Loves working with children, especially special-needs children
  • Portrays a loving & nurturing way of disciplining children (no shouting, hitting, scolding, etc)
  • Experience with special-needs children is a huge bonus
  • Commitment to excellence in terms of lesson plan planning and execution,
  • Works well with other staff,
  • Is looking for a long-term post at a first-class establishment and interested in growing with our expanding preschool, playschool, daycare and nursery in PJ.

About Little Human Scholars

The staff and teachers at Little Human Scholars are a close family-like bunch who take care of and look after each other.  We all get along great, and the management cares about what the staff has to say.

Each week we have meetings where all the staff and management comes together to identify any challenges, troubleshoot issues and brainstorm on how to make Little Human Scholars a better place.  If you have a good idea and bring it up at a meeting, we are the kind of school that implements it and thanks you for your contribution.  This is what makes Little Human Scholars so unique:  it is constantly looking at ways to improve themselves so they can be the best preschool in PJ.

There is no separation between teachers, nannies and management at Little Human Scholars.  Everyone is family here, and if you come into our home, this means you are family too!  It is an honour to be hired, but if you are the right fit for us WE are the ones that are MORE honoured to have you join us!


If you are interested in this position, are looking for a long-term post with a great group of people and are eager to start immediately, please send your CV to  A staff member of Little Human Scholars will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great day!

Jana Moreno