Finding a great preschool for your child isn’t always an easy task to undertake, especially when looking for education in Kuala Lumpur.  While we do want what’s best for our child, things like pricing, location and curriculum can become an issue for parents in Petaling Jaya.  So what are some of the things that make a great preschool?

Tell-Tale Signs of A Great PreSchool:

  1. The children are happy and want to go to school;
  2. The children’s development can be measured and shows growth and improvement;
  3. The school schedule differs every day and sways away from monotony;
  4. The children have time to experience free play where they can learn and explore on their own, as well as with their friends;
  5. The children’s health & safety is the main focus of the school;
  6. The teachers are happy, friendly and are compassionate with the preschoolers (even when the parents aren’t around to witness it);
  7. The classrooms have a small number of students, less than 10 students per teacher;
  8. The preschoolers learn more than just academics.  Additionally, they learn manners, social-emotional skills, public speaking, singing, art and exercise as well.

Great preschools use to come with a hefty price tag, but this isn’t the case anymore, especially in Petaling Jaya.  Now you can enrol your child in a great preschool for not only a reasonable price but with additional services such as transportation, meals and CCTV access that other schools simply do not offer.

One such school is Little Human Scholars Preschool, playschool, daycare and nursery located in Petaling Jaya near University Hospital, Jaya One, Jaya 33, PJ Old Town and PJ New Town.  In fact, this great preschool is just opposite of the Crystal Crown Hotel.

This great preschool, though it was founded recently in 2013, has already expanded to its’ second centre which is also located in Petaling Jaya.  Below are some frequently asked questions about Little Human Scholars.


What are the Ages of Preschoolers?

Preschools are typically aged four (4) to six (6) years old.

What are the Preschool Hours?

The school hours for a preschool are 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

What Do Children Learn In Preschool?

Children in Little Human Scholars Preschool learn everything from

  • Reading and Writing,
  • Composing Paragraphs,
  • Maths (such as simple addition and subtraction),
  • Word Problems,
  • Reading Comprehension,
  •  Science and Discovery,
  • Bahasa (written and spoken),
  • English (written and spoken),
  • Arts & Crafts,
  • Music & Movement,
  • Social & Emotional Skills,
  • Manners,
  • Hygiene,
  • & More!

Do Preschoolers Get Homework?

While many parents object to children receiving homework at such a young age, the only homework Little Human Scholars Preschool gives can be done easily within 10 minutes.  Whether that is sending the child home with a new book to read to mommy or daddy, or finishing up a word problem on their own, the goal of this preschool is to prepare children for their primary one education which means training them in personal responsibility (though the responsibility is a small).

Safety and Security Measures in Preschool?

Aside from the CCTV which is accessible to all parents of registered students of Little Human Scholars, there are also strict standard operating procedures in place to ensure the upmost safety and well-being of the children in school, some of which are as follows:

  • A security guard is posted at each school and mans the gate;
  • Strict hygiene measures are practiced daily (hand sanitiser, hand washing and daily room/toys sanitisation, quarantine for sick children)
  • Parents are to inform the teachers and/or staff of the school if someone else will be picking their child up that day AND provide the car plate number and name of the person.  If the parents have not informed any staff of Little Human Scholars, and a person is asking to take a child home, the parents are notified immediately.  Upon verbal confirmation ONLY do we release children to guardians, friends or family members.

Will the Curriculum Cater to My Child’s Primary School?

Especially for preschoolers, the sooner this school knows the intended primary 1 school the sooner they cater for that particular curriculum.  For example, if a preschooler’s primary 1 school will be a government school, then the teacher will prepare lessons better suited for that particular school.  The same goes for private primary 1 schools and even international schools.

Little Human Scholars is primarily a IGCSE based English-speaking school, but also offers Mandarin and Bahasa for their preschoolers.

What is the Price of Preschool?

While Little Human Scholars does not give the price over the phone, they will happily provide you with a price sheet when you schedule a walk-through or appointment with them.  The reason for this is that each child has different requirements and they often have to create unique packages per student.


In summary, finding a great preschool in PJ may be easier than you think.  If you are interested in visiting this school and receiving a specially-tailored price list, simply call +6017-7303 025 or (603) 7932-1107.  You can even ask about registering your child for a free week trial to test and see if this school is to yours and your child’s liking!

Wishing you all the best!

Jana Moreno