Finding a great playschool, preschool, kindergarten and/or daycare centre for your child can be a painstaking process.  For one, we all want to find the best kindergarten for our child or children, but with so many factors to consider, it often leaves many parents wondering where to begin!

This is why I honestly feel that the best kindergarten in PJ, in my opinion, is Little Human Scholars.  I actually used to work in this centre, and I have to say that it hits all the bullet points on my list (and this is saying something since I have had the opportunity to look within the processes and in-and-outs of this little school).

I could go on and on about how this is the best kindergarten in PJ is located near University Hospital, Jaya One, Jaya 33, PJ Old Town and PJ New Town, or how the teachers are committed, friendly and compassionate towards the students, but instead, I will just give you my own personal bullet-point list of what I require in a kindergarten:

·       Located in the heart of PJ

·       Loving, caring and compassionate Teachers and Staff

·       Mid-price range (in PJ, a lot of the kindergartens and playschools range from RM400 a month to upwards of RM3,000…this doesn’t necessarily include daycare).

·       IGCSE Syllabus (English-speaking school)

·       Transportation services

·       Family-atmosphere

·       Play-based school

·       International student base

·       Full CCTV coverage available for the parents

·       Full Day-care and hourly drop-off available on weekends (by appointment only)

While my daughter is a little too old for this school now, she has been here and she absolutely loves everyone there!  Personally, I had issues in the past finding her a kindergarten that aligned with my needs, but this particular kindergarten is the best kindergarten in PJ, in my opinion.

Earlier I wrote that I used to work at this centre, and unfortunately, I had to leave due to familial matters.  Should I ever come back to Malaysia, this would definitely be one of my first stops (that and the nasi lemak stand right down the road).

One of the biggest factors I look for when finding a school for my child is the level of happiness the children have within the facility.  In my experience, there are some schools where the children do not necessarily look happy, or they are happy until one of the teachers walk by and then they start admiring the floor.  At Little Human Scholars preschool, playschool and daycare, the children are always laughing and playing with friends.  While the curriculum is important, the most important thing this school harps on is the development and happiness of the children…even if this means that the staff bonds and works with the children one-to-one until they are comfortable enough in their respective classrooms.

So if you are looking for a school that is all study, no play, and nothing but work, work, work, this is definitely not the school for you.  But if you are looking to develop your child’s social, emotional and problem-solving capabilities, while learning phonics and having fun with numbers, then this is definitely the best kindergarten in PJ!

Happy parenting!!!

Jana Moreno