After school enrichment programmes are a dime a dozen in Kuala Lumpur and in PJ.  But with so many choices to choose from, how do you know which one suits your needs?

For some parents working those extra-long hours, it isn’t viable to sign their child or children up for 15 after-school activities (two a day).  After all, many of us have full-time jobs that keep us busy in the office and leaving every day to shuttle our children back and forth from extra-curricular activities, such as mandarin class, ballet, soccer or piano does not a happy boss make.

Before signing your child up for after school enrichment programmes in PJ, it is important to consider time cost, financial cost and fuel cost.  If you are unable to shuttle your child daily to and from their after-school activities, it may be wise to hire a driver or, at the very least, find someone that can support you in ferrying your child back and forth to and from events.  But let’s face it…. Hiring a full or part-time driver also isn’t always financially viable!

Pros And Cons To Having After School Enrichment Programmes

PROS to enroling your child into an after school programme

·       You know where they are and what they are doing;

·       They busy themselves with homework and tuition;

·       If they don’t have homework and tuition, they can either help other children with their homework or work on their social skills;

·       If you don’t have immediate family support before or after school, enroling in an enrichment programme supports your professional needs;

·       An after school enrichment programme can be significantly cheaper than hiring a nanny;

CONS to enroling your child into an after school programme

·       The after school programmes may shut down during certain holidays.  This could be a pain because while some parents live in one states, such as Selangor, they may work in another state such as Kuala Lumpur where perhaps the holidays differ.  In other words, while PJ may have a special holiday where businesses and schools close down, you might work in KL where the holiday is not applicable.

·        Can be exhausting for children who have just completed a full day at their school.

·       If the enrichment programme isn’t available at your child’s school, figuring out a driving schedule may become a challenge and an additional cost.

Little Human Scholars Daycare Centre in PJ

While figuring out you and your child’s needs, it is always good to know your options, and one of the best options available in PJ is Little Human Scholars Daycare Centre.  Whether your child attends primary or secondary school, and regardless if they attend the morning school segment or the afternoon segment, not only does Little Human Scholars offer daycare and even tuition services, but they even offer transportation services so long as your child attends school in the PJ area.

Little Human Scholars Daycare Centre in PJ offers more than any other preschool, playschool, kindergarten, nursery and daycare centre in PJ because they understand that parents have their own schedules and needs AS WELL AS the children.  If you are worried that after school your child won’t have a healthy lunch, Little Human Scholars ensures that your child has a nutritious meal.  If you feel that your child needs a nap before school starts, Little Human Scholars’ friendly staff and teachers always go the extra mile when providing services for you and your children, and all at an affordable fee.

If you are interested in finding out what after school enrichment programmes Little Human Scholars in PJ offers, simply click here, fill out the form and a representative will be with you shortly.  You can also pick up a phone and call them (+6017 7303 025) to schedule a time where you can come up and get a quotation on a uniquely tailored package for you and your family.

In summary, finding what suits you and your family doesn’t need to be a headache and it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.  You can get everything you need and more by simply asking someone from Little Human Scholars to sit down and discuss your different options.

Wishing you happy parenting experiences!!

Jana Moreno