Little Human Scholars is more than just a premiere kindergarten near Jaya One, Jaya33 and University Hospital:  it is a kindergarten that caters to the students AS WELL AS the parents.

Think about it, how many kindergartens in PJ have you visited that offer CCTV access for parents (many have CCTV but it is for the staff and teachers only), meal services and even transportation services?  If that isn’t enough, Little Human Scholars kindergarten also opens earlier and stays later than most of the kindergartens in PJ, daycare centres in PJ, playschools in PJ and nurseries in PJ!  Boasting impressive hours that start from 7:30am and offering daycare that lasts Monday through Friday until 7:00pm, Little Human Scholars delivers far beyond what any ordinary kindergarten near Jaya One or kindergarten in PJ offers.

So let’s recap exactly what sort of kindergarten near Jaya One, Little Human Scholars is:

·       Little Human Scholars offers extended daycare hours after the kindergarten session is over (7:30am – 7:00pm);

·       Little Human Scholars offers additional services such as meals and transportation services (in PJ);

·       Little Human Scholars offers CCTV access to parents via a mobile phone app absolutely free upon registration;

·       Little Human Scholars offers weekend babysitting services so long as a couple of days notice is given;

What is Little Human Scholars Kindergarten?

Little Human Scholars is a kindergarten near Jaya One in PJ that boasts a nursery, a playschool, a preschool/kindergarten, and full day daycare for children.  It is a play-based school that encourages whole-brain thinking, creative problem solving, social/emotional development skills, physical fitness and more.

One of the interesting things about play-based learning is that children retain more information when they are having fun, playing around all while learning important life skills and lessons.  Additionally, because they associate school with “having fun” at a young age when they eventually go into primary school, they have less resistance to starting at a new school, studying and completing their homework.  After all, a few years in Little Human Scholars kindergarten and school equates to fun!

Additionally, enroling your child at a play-based education centre stimulates their curiosity.  And being curious is a big key to learning:  after all, there is a difference between a child who is learning because they have to and one who is learning because he wants to.  This contrast not only has an effect on a student’s attitude but in their ability to work towards what they want in the future.  In short, this sets your child up for success later on in life as their emotional foundation has been set in such a way that promotes creative problem-solving skills.

If you are interested in registering your child in Little Human Scholars kindergarten near Jaya One, simply click here and fill out the form or call +6017-7303 025 to schedule a walk through with one of their staff members.  Whether you are looking for childcare for a 2 month old, or for full day care with meals and transportation included, or just a simple half-day school Monday through Friday, Little Human Scholars kindergarten is one school that truly caters to their students AND the parents.

Wishing you happy parenting experiences!!

Jana Moreno