Petaling Jaya is a great place to live and work, and there is an amazing school in PJ too!  PJ has some awesome eateries and food stalls, malls in every direction and you can find just about anything at PJ Old Town for a fraction of the price of other places.  Petaling Jaya is all about convenience, and this really comes in handy if you are a parent looking to send your child to a top-notch facility where learning and play go hand-in-hand…Of course, I am talking about Little Human Scholars.

Finding a right school takes time and effort.  A lot of research has to go into the search and testimonials always help, but what happens when you are looking for MORE than just a school?  What if you need full-day daycare, transportation services, or a meal plan?  What if you want your child in a clean school which is santised every day for his or her health?  We live in a time and age where many families need two sources of income – one from both parents.  This can be difficult to do if one parent has to take half a day off Monday through Friday in order to take care of their child – couple this with the growing need for additional services, finding a school for your toddler which is the right fit can be a futile endeavour.  This is where Little Human Scholars comes in – it is more than a school – it is a premiere learning facility which also offers daycare.

When Looking for Daycare, Nursery or School in Petaling Jaya

Aside from the usual considerations such as price and location, there are several other factors to pay attention to when choosing the right school in PJ for your little one.  But before we got there, it is very important to understand what YOUR needs are.  What is important to you and your child?  To be more clear, it may be useful to right it down so when you go school-hopping you know which school fits the criteria.  To make it easier, we listed some down for you:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Safety
  • Food menu
  • Sanitisation
  • The Teachers and Staff
  • Friendliness/Sociable people
  • Activities
  • Daily Schedule
  • School and Daycare Hours
  • Primary Language spoken at Daycare Centre
  • Children-to-teacher ratio

A Clean and Sanitised School and Daycare in PJ

One of my pet peeves is having a school and daycare centre which is clean.  I am not talking about toys on the floor, but santisation.  Personally, I have seen a few schools and daycare centres in the greater Kuala Lumpur area, and not all of them can boast being clean.  I understand that children play, and as such there will be toys scattered about.  But when I walk into a school and see things like dust, dirty floors and stained toys, I begin feeling a little nauseous.

Perhaps I am a little severe on some of these daycare centres, but personally I know that children are going to pass around germs on their own, and I feel it is the school’s job to not help it along by failing to clean the toys.

Keep in mind if your child has never been to school or daycare, there will be a month or two where they will be a little ill.  After all, they are in a new environment with new children and, children being children, they tend to pass germs to one another.  When I first enroled my daughter in school, on and off she was sick for about a month before finally having her immune system get used to the new environment.  This can’t be helped, but having a clean learning facility in PJ can minimise the amount of time she is ill.

This is why I love Little Human Scholars school in PJ.  I actually started working there in 2015, and I absolutely love this school.  Perhaps it is because I have had the honour of experiencing it inside and out.  Though I no longer work within the school, it has impacted me so much that I still continue to write these little blogs.  If we were to take all the above-mentioned points and compare as to whether or not Little Human Scholars school in PJ covered those marks, I can tell you sincerely that they do.

In summary, Little Human Scholars full daycare centre in PJ is definitely worth looking into.  Located near University Hospital, Jaya One, Jaya33, PJ New Town and PJ Old Town, it is the best daycare centre in PJ in my opinion!  And you can register your child for a free week trial here.  Does it get any better than that??

Jana Moreno