Let’s be real – picking a new playschool, kindergarten, daycare centre or preschool in PJ for your child can be rough.

When my daughter was young and it came time to pick a new playschool and preschool for her, I was lost.  I didn’t know what I wanted, what I was looking for or what questions to ask so that I could enroll her in a school in PJ that suited our needs.  What was worse is I DIDN’T KNOW that I didn’t know what I wanted.

At the time, the only things I thought were relevant were location, language and price.    I assumed that most schools in Malaysia, more specifically Kuala Lumpur, were the same with a small exception:  some cost more than others.

In my mind, I figured that all of the English based schools were the same save for the fees. How wrong I turned out to be.  Many years and four schools later, I have become clearer on what to look for in a daycare centre, playschool, preschool and kindgergarten in PJ, and the right questions to ask.

So take it from me and learn from my mistakes – here’s what you should consider before enroling your child in a new school in PJ.


Finding the Right School in PJ

What is your first impression of the school in PJ

How do you feel when you walk through the doors?  Are the children there happy?  Does it look like a school or does it look like a prison?  How is the environment?  What do you think of the place when you first drive up and when you first walk in?  Does it feel safe? I would highly recommend noting your first impression and initial feelings of a school.

Are the staff of the school in PJ happy?

This is an important question:  happy staff means a happy school… I don’t mean the fake smiles teachers often flash parents, secretly hoping they will leave sooner so they can get back to grading papers.  I mean the real authentic and genuine smiles and conversations that can only come from truly satisfied and happy teachers.  Happy employees make for a more productive work environment and happier students!

What are the teaching styles of the teachers?

In Malaysia, I have found that some schools rely heavily on memorisation; while this isn’t necessarily wrong, I have found that this can create a serious lack in the comprehension side of things, especially when it comes to literacy, reading and phonetics.  I suggest I opting for a school that had a teaching style which focused a bit more on comprehension.

I am also quite particularly in wanting teachers who are excited to teach, who participate with the children and engage them instead of standing at the front of the class and simply data-dumping.

What syllabus does the school in PJ offer?

Since my daughter is half American and half Chinese, we wanted her to have exposure to both a Mandarin and English syllabus.  Knowing what you want for your child can also support you in choosing a school that matches your needs.

Where is the school located?

Location! Location! Location!  Living in KL, many people regularly experience KL’s famous traffic jams.  Even a playschool or preschool that is normally a five minute drive can easily turn into over an hour in the car.  This is why finding a good school in PJ was important for us.

What is the teacher-to-student ratio?

How many students are there per teacher?  Keep in mind, the smaller the teacher-to-student ratio, the more quality time your child gets with their teacher.

What is the school’s disciplinary structure?

Some schools in Petaling Jaya still beat students with rulers as a part of their disciplinary procedure.  Some parents are fine with this, but I wasn’t one of them.  I prefer using a different technique, one where the children learn that there are consequences to certain behaviour, but without the physical abuse.  Finding a school in PJ that is alignment with your disciplinary structure would be something to look out for.

What additional services are offered?

Remember how I said that a school in Kuala Lumpur that is normally five minutes away, can turn into a much longer drive during a traffic jam?  I had this experience for about a year and a half and I couldn’t stand it.  While the school offered transportation service, it didn’t drive near where I was staying…until I moved.

Does the school in PJ practice cleanliness and hygiene?

I am not too fond of my daughter coming home ill all the time.  If a school uses hand sanitizer regularly or at least has a strong culture of hand-washing a few times throughout the day (especially after restroom use and before eating), I am a fan.  But besides hygiene, notice the school itself.  Is it clean and tidy or do the floors parallel to those found at a food court?

What is the fee structure?

At the end of the day, you may find the perfect school with everything you could ever ask for and more, but it all boils down to how much it is going to cost you.  Whatever you do, make sure the fees are something you can live with.


Little Human Scholars preschool, playschool, kindergarten and daycare centre is an amazing little school in PJ with two centres.  Located near Jaya one, Jaya 33, University Hospital, near Jalan Gasing and the IT Mall, LHS keeps growing for a reason. Starting off as one centre in late 2013, they expanded to a second in 2015 and are getting ready to expand to a third.  Results never lie – there is a reason LHS is so popular and keeps growing.  Check them out, PJ!!


Wishing you an effortless and fulfilling school-finding adventure!

Jana Moreno