What constitutes a good kindergarten?  Besides education, cleanliness, student to teacher ratio, curriculum, and the atmosphere, it usually boils down to price and location for many parents.  This actually isn’t always a good thing.  When my daughter was enroling in kindergarten for the first time, we chose a school that was nearby and within our budget.  After several doctor’s visits and noticing her not enjoying school, we decided to opt for a more expensive boutique school.  The price tag put a huge weight on our expenses, but she was happier and healthier.

Perhaps this is my unpopular opinion, but what is it about the educational system in Malaysia that a parent has to pay an arm and a leg just to get a quality education in a school where the teachers don’t abuse the students mentally, verbally or physically?

Picking the right kindergarten to enroll your child is no easy task.  There are many factors to consider and the truth of the matter is you sometimes don’t know a school as well as you think you do until your child starts attending.  This is where Little Human Scholars kindergarten, preschool, playschool and nursery steps in.

When Finding the Best Kindergarten in PJ

…be sure to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Quality of Educators.
  • Are the existing students happy?
  • What other parents say.
  • Health and wellness procedures.
  • Sanitisation and cleanliness.
  • Additional services like transportation, meals, daycare etc.
  • Additional features like CCTV access for parents.

The best kindergarten in PJ varies – it depends on your needs and what values you hold dear.  For me, I want the absolutely best education for my child, but price and location is also a factor.  I don’t have time to travel from PJ to Cheras every day just for a school (you know how the traffic can be).  This is why so many parents feel Little Human Scholars kindergarten in PJ, located near University Hospital, Jaya One, Jaya33, PJ Old Town and PJ New Town, is the best kindergarten in PJ.  You can see for yourself on their Facebook Page.  You get all the features and perks of a first-rate, high quality, boutique school with a great location and a reasonable price you can afford.

What Does the Best Kindergarten in PJ Have?

  • Little Human Scholars offers extended daycare hours after the kindergarten session is over (7:30am – 7:00pm);
  • Little Human Scholars offers additional services such as meals and transportation services (in PJ);
  • Little Human Scholars offers CCTV access to parents via a mobile phone app absolutely free upon registration;
  • Little Human Scholars offers weekend babysitting services so long as a couple of days notice is given;

Little Human Scholars is a kindergarten near Jaya One in PJ that boasts a nursery, a playschool, a preschool/kindergarten, and full day daycare for children.  It is a play-based school that encourages whole-brain thinking, creative problem solving, social/emotional development skills, physical fitness and more.

If you are interested in registering your child in Little Human Scholars kindergarten near Jaya One, simply click here and fill out the form or call +6017-7303 025 to schedule a walk through with one of their staff members.  Whether you are looking for childcare for a two-month-old, or for full day care with meals and transportation included, or just a simple half-day school Monday through Friday, Little Human Scholars kindergarten is one school that truly caters to their students AND the parents.

Wishing you happy parenting experiences!!

Jana Moreno