The minute they are born, children are like sponges – soaking up bits of information and learning about their environment.  As parents, we are often the biggest influence on our children up to a certain age.  This begs the question many of us ask ourselves: “What am I teaching my child?”  In order to answer this question, you will need to begin looking at how you are!


As children get older, their little filters are formed, and they begin perceiving the world through those filters and it’s easy to see how they are influenced by their friends, family and even their school.  What are you telling your child about life?  About money?  About work?  About other family members, or even, about other races, about themselves?


Once you understand your beliefs, note that your child may end up taking them on.  This isn’t right or wrong – but it is important to note that this will have an impact on the results they experience in life.



What Are You Teaching Your Child?


Do you build your child up or tear them down? 

It is said that how our parents talk to us is how we eventually talk to ourselves.  Even when disciplining your child, there are ways to do it in which your child is empowered rather than put down.


How are your manners?

Children often adopt their parents’ manners over time, whether that is saying please and thank you, holding the door open for someone else, or being helpful in general.


Are you sociable or introverted? 

Oftentimes children pick up their parents’ social skills.  Are you comfortable in a crowd or do you tend to shy away?   Again, there is no right or wrong answer – this article was designed to help shed light on how your children may take after you in some ways.


Are you a helicopter parent? 

A helicopter parent is one who is overprotective.  While it is our job as parents to protect our children, being overprotective often begets unwanted results.  Whether a parent is overbearing with their child or caters to their every desire, typically the results of this will show later on in life with a child’s performance either socially, professionally or personally.


Are you emotionally reactive or responsive? 

Do you fly off the handle easy or are you more stoic?  Is anger an emotion you can easily achieve?  Are you sad or depressed?  As parents, our emotions do affect our children.  Especially when young, our children will mimick our emotions as a way of feeling “accepted” into a family.


Typically, your children will take on similar traits from you, and they will also go on to develop their own unique traits as they adapt to the environment around them.  At a young age, however, they are developing their foundation for life.  And most often, how parents are and how they behave has a direct impact on the development of their child!



About Little Human Scholars Kindergarten in PJ

Little Human Scholars is an all-in-one childcare solution.  It is a preschool, playschool, kindergarten, nursery and full day daycare centre (with extended hours) located in the heart of PJ.


In fact, the location is one of the things which makes Little Human Scholars so sought after – it is conveniently nestled near Jalan Gasing, University hospital, PJ Old town, PJ New town, Jaya One, Jaya33, and the PJ IT Mall.


The best part is LHS has premiere services many other schools in PJ don’t offer such as full day daycare with extended hours, CCTV access for parents, and a nifty little phone app called Toddlytic which provides parents with automatic updates on their child’s development, behaviour and health checks.


With full-time guards always present at each of their locations, access to CCTV (which is in every room except the office, bathroom and kitchen areas), and very strict pick-up and drop-off rules, Little Human Scholars treats every child who walks into its hallways as one of their own children!


This place has it all:  location, safety, health, IGSCE curriculum and play-based learning.  What more could you ask for?  Did I mention they also have transportation services and offer meal plans for students?  It doesn’t get any better than that.


If you are interested in a tour of one of our centres (that’s right, there’s more than one), all you need to do is fill out the form here or call +6017-7303-025 and an LHS administrative staff will get back with you shortly!