how to limit my child's screen time on phone tablet too much technology pj petaling jaya lhs school in pj

How to Limit Your Child’s Screen Time – LHS School in PJ

We see it everywhere – whether children are glued to handheld devices or tv, the amount of a child’s screen time has…

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how to get my child to be more extroverted introverted pj lhs little human scholars school in pj petaling jaya

How to Get My Child to be More Extroverted

We’ve heard many parents ask us “how can I get my child to be more extroverted?”  And while it is a fair question, our answer…

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Little Human Scholars Daycare in PJ

First and foremost, finding the ideal school at the right price in the right location isn’t easy – but what happens when you…

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Extended Hours Daycare and Nursery in PJ

Traffic in Petaling Jaya can be atrocious and can hinder our schedules – especially when we are trying to pick our children up…

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Little Human Scholars in Petaling Jaya

It’s no wonder that Little Human Scholars centers in PJ is a hit with teachers, students and parents alike – not only is the…

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