Playschool at Little Human Scholars, in the heart of PJ.

Playschool is an important step for any parents out there looking to expand their toddler’s social, emotional and cognitive skills.  It is also a great opportunity to integrate children into a more set routine based in a school environment.  So what other benefits does Playschool offer?

The Benefits of Playschool

·       Toddlers always have something to do

At the age of two, toddlers are in an exploration mode and are constantly looking for things to do and fiddle with.  When left unchecked for more than a couple minutes, they are notorious for getting themselves into interesting, and often sticky, situations!  Playschool is a great way to keep them busy, and their minds growing in a safe and nurturing environment!

·       Toddlers develop and fine-tune their motor skills

While playing may look like leisure time, it actually supports children in developing fine motor skills such as hopping, skipping, balance, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.  Things like holding a spoon or chopsticks can help build the necessary neural pathways in the brain for advanced control over little fingers, feet and toes!

·       Playschool supports toddlers in their ability to focus

Since birth, children are often submerged into environments that are full of stimuli.  This is why it can be so difficult to focus in the beginning.  But over time, with the right approach and an optimal amount of time for each play-based lesson, your child will begin to hone their ability to focus, concentrate and retain information vital to their growth and development.

·       A new environment leaves children open to new things

In my experience, my child wasn’t big on trying new food.  She was a bit of a picky eater and often wanted the same old thing, day in and day out.  After enrolling her in playschool, she noticed her friends eating other foods which piqued her curiosity.  Eventually, she started tasting and sampling new foods:  something I had a very difficult time doing on my own.

In short, a new environment with different alphas or teachers can open a child to learn and try new things.  At least it did for our household!

·       Potty-training support!

Potty-training is a big step for parents, and it is really supportive when, what is practiced at home is also practiced at school.  This consistency can support children in adopting a new behavior faster.  After all, repetition often wins the day when it comes to education!

·       Toddlers develop their social skills and learn social-emotional skills

Aside from communication and learning how to express themselves and convey their desires, they learn how to do it in a way that supports them and the world around them.  Instead of crying and throwing a tantrum for what they want, they can be encouraged to tell you want they want.  Additionally, it becomes easier to reason with them as they understand more fully why they may not receive what they desire.  This can set up parents in the long-run for success, as instead of having a child that is always throwing a tantrum when they don’t get what they want, their child learns to verbally communicate their wishes and engages in negotiations which is often more diplomatic.

·       Play actually supports better behavior in children 

 According to a 2009 study in the journal Pediatrics, kids behave better in the classroom when they have the chance to blow off steam on the playground during the day. Researchers compared teacher ratings of 8- and 9-year-olds’ behavior in schools with and without recess periods. The kids who had more than 15 minutes a day of breaks behaved better during academic time.  More on this article can be found here.


We pride ourselves on providing the best play-based education for children.  After all, we are whole-brained humans who can access and utilise not just the left brain for cognitive functioning, but also the right brain for creativity and problem-solving.  These two in combination make a formidable force in the world, and starting children at a young age to embrace this is invaluable.

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If you are interested in registering your child for playschool or preschool, you are entitled to a free week trial (no strings attached), during any week you prefer, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.  We look forward to meeting you and your child!

Jana Moreno,