Being a parent isn’t the easiest job in the world, but it can be the most rewarding and I am going to make this New Year’s the best in my parental career.  Looking back on this year, I can see a few areas where I can improve upon my parenting skills.  I love my daughter to the end of the Universe and back, but, as a human, I am not always present to her and her needs.


Seeing as it’s New Year’s Eve, I’ve decided to write down my 8 New Year’s Resolutions to be a better parent for my daughter.


My 8 New Year’s Resolutions to Be a Better Parent

  1. Walk the Talk

It’s easy to say, “Do as I say, not as I do!”  But it’s better when my actions are in alignment with how I want my child to act.  Am I kind?  Am I compassionate?  Am I fun to be around?  Do I take time to love and take care of myself?


  1. Allow My Daughter to Make More Mistakes Without Repercussions

Mistakes are good, they help us to learn and grow.  That being said, I want to spend more time celebrating my daughters’ mistakes this year, as well as my own.  If you think about it, the voice which develops inside her little head and tells her whether or not she is doing good or bad often comes from her parents.  It’s my job to make sure it’s a loving and encouraging voice.


  1. Listen More

I noticed this last year when picking my daughter up from school, I would automatically ask her, “How was school?”  It became a habit!  And her answer also became a habit.  This year, I want to focus on listening to her intently without asking her half-hearted questions.  I want to BE there for her, not just drone out the same thing every day!


  1. Be More Open to Talking About Her Feelings

My daughter is getting to an age where she feels things more intensely than before.  This isn’t right or wrong, it’s a part of life.  I want her to confide in me, and as such, it is my job to give her a safe space to talk about her emotions without judging her for them.


  1. Spend More Time Doing Activities Together Instead of Simply Buying Gifts For Her

This last year, I worked…a LOT.  And though I was making some pretty good money, I didn’t spend as much time as I would’ve liked to with her.  As such, I made up for it via gift giving, but this doesn’t necessarily make me a better parent.  This year, I want to do things TOGETHER with her.  Whether that’s getting our hair styled together, making dinner together, or taking her for art or dance classes and doing them with her.  It’s her choice!


  1. Include Her on Daily Chores

Several times she has asked to help me with dinner or with household chores, and I’ve been in a near-constant state of “not enough time.”  Because of this state, I would decline her offer and get everything done by myself.  This year, I will have her help me with things like dinner and laundry and everything in between.  Who knows?  It may prove to be a good bonding experience!


  1. Have a Mommy-Daughter Date at Least Once a Month

This past year has been a whirlwind, and I want to slow it down in the New Year so I can BE with my daughter.  Whether that means going out for ice cream just her and I, or catching a Disney movie at the theater, or even rock climbing or some other sport, my goal is to have a mommy-daughter date night at least once a month.


  1. Sit Down and Eat Dinner With Her Every Night

I am definitely guilty for not sitting down and eating dinner with her every night.  I would whip up something quick, sit her at the table and go find something else to do.  Growing up, my family had dinner together every single night.  I haven’t done that with her this past year, so this year, every night we are having dinner at the table.  End of story!


In summary, every year I review how my career turned out, how my health is, how my family life, personal life, and relationship life have ended up, and every year I find something to improve on in most categories.  I am human, and paraphrasing Aristotle’s quote, “we are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


As such, these are the habits I wish to change in the New Year.  Wishing you all a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year!


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