Little Human Scholars Preschool, Playschool, Nursery, Daycare and Kindergarten in PJ has been growing exponentially since it opened in 2015 – and now, our very own Teacher Patricia (one of the core team members of LHS) has recently represented Little Human Scholars on National T.V.!


On Wednesday morning, August 9th, 2017, our prestigious little BIG school debuted nationally on TV3!!  And with management vetting for a location for our 3rd centre in Petaling Jaya, this couldn’t come at a better time!


Why were we aired on television you may ask?  Easy!  We offer something many schools in and around PJ and Malaysia don’t offer.  Sure, we have extended hours, transportation services, meal plans and more, but the thing which caught the media’s eye was our Toddlytic Phone App for Parents!


The Toddlytic Phone App For Parents


What is the Toddlytic phone app for parents?  Simply put, it is an extensive cloud app which not only makes the LHS teachers’ lives easier, but it frees up their time to spend less energy on making manual reports and more time on teaching and facilitating the students at LHS school in PJ.


The best part is this phone app was designed specifically by teachers for teachers, but was also created with the hectic lives of parents in mind.


The Toddlytic Classroom App for parents does several things:

  1. It streamlines information straight to your phone, tablet or computer so you receive real-time updates on your child’s progress in school, as well as upcoming events and dates. In other words, you are first to see when your child’s attendance was taken, what their health status is and automatic reminders of important school dates.
  2. The Toddlytic Classroom App for Parents understands parents are busy, so they provide one-click access to important documents such as grades, permission slips and newsletters. No more backpacks stuffed with papers!  Now you can sign that permission slip at the click of a button or read the newsletter straight from your tablet!
  3. The Toddlytic Classroom App for Parents lets you know in real-time what your child scored on that last test. You no longer need to wait until the next week to find out your child’s grade – you can be the first to know how your child did!
  4. In fact, the Toddlytic Classroom App also lets you pay your child’s daycare or school tuition automatically through a safe payment portal where your information is protected. Walking into the school on a monthly basis is a thing of the past!
  5. If there is an issue in your child’s classroom, the Toddlytic Classroom App for Parents allows you to also privately message your teacher or the office admin of the school. You can have confidential, private conversations over sensitive topics conveniently from your phone without fear of information leaks.


If you think this app was only created with parents in mind, think again.  It is actually an all-in-one cloud system for schools, daycare centres and makes the lives of teachers and admin staff incredibly easy.  For one, teachers don’t need to spend hours after school making manual reports as the Toddlytic Phone App does this automatically.  There are honestly too many benefits for teachers to list here, but you can read all about it here.


In summary, the thing which sets Little Human Scholars Preschool, Playschool, Nursery, Daycare and Kindergarten in PJ aside from other centres is the fact that they use this app to streamline information, automate systems, and make communication a breeze for busy parents.  It’s no wonder so many people are going gaga for the Toddlytic Phone App for Parents – the customization and functionality alone is worth its’ weight in gold!


Check out Teacher Pat’s debut as she represents Little Human Scholars – this brings a tear to our eye!



Jana Moreno