Teaching children to read faster is something many schools claim to do, but many do not.  One major key to teaching, in general, is to make learning fun for kids.  So how does a school make learning fun and achieve getting them to read faster?

First and foremost, teaching children to read fluently and with confidence isn’t done in a day:  it takes time, patience and the willingness to understand how your child learns.  And while most children learn how to read at school, for them to understand the lessons faster require parents stepping in to assist them in their journey.

As with any end-goal, breaking it down into manageable chunks not only helps the children digest information easier, but helps teachers plan out their child’s lessons in a day, week and monthly manner.  This is also how Little Human Scholars preschool, kindergarten, playschool and nursery in PJ goes about teaching their students – breaking the information down into manageable chunks and making the process fun and engaging.  And the best place to start when teaching your child to read is by teaching them phonetics!

The Benefits of Teaching Phonics to Children

  • Sound and letter recognition is stronger in children who practise phonics,
  • Sounding out unfamiliar words becomes easier, due to recognition of letters and their respective sounds,
  • Understanding spelling patterns makes for easier reading of larger more complex words,
  • Comprehension of the letters in a word and the SOUNDS of the letters in a word is more complete.


While this may sound easy, many challenges are often met.  Parents and teachers may notice a child’s attention wavers between lessons, or they would rather play or watch T.V..  Keep in mind this is normal behaviour, especially if they have already been in school all day!  One key thing you can do as a parent is find out your child’s learning style. Little Human Scholars School in PJ excels in finding out students’ learning styles and then incorporating them into the lessons.  You can do the same by watching to see how your child plays – after all, children learn through play.

Teaching Your Child Phonetics Through Play

At Little Human Scholars, a preschool, playschool and daycare centre located in Petaling Jaya, near PJ Old Town, University Hospital, PJ New Town and Jaya 33, we use a UK based system called Jolly Phonics to support children in learning how to read.  The cool thing about Jolly Phonics is it utilises auditory, kinesthetic and visual learning styles so more children can learn phonetics in their own way.

Jolly Phonics is an incredible teaching system whereby children first learn to recognise letters, then the sounds of the letters, then blending combinations of letters and so on until reading and comprehension is reached.  It is a multi-sensory form of education, whereby the children use visual, auditory and kinesthetic means to learning.  Each letter and later, groups of letters, have a song and dance which goes with them.  It is an amazing system which combines teaching, learning and playing all together.

This whole-brain learning supports children in retaining more information faster, comprehending this information more fully, and in being able to utilise it over and over again in the future when more complex lessons are taught.

Advantages of using Jolly Phonics

  • Systematic way of learning English as a language
  • Effortless and Correct pronunciation
  • Understanding relationship between sounds and letters
  • Supports to improve your child’s vocabulary
  • Making your child spell a word effortlessly
  • Improvised performance in spelling competitions
  • Improved comprehension skills


We use Jolly Phonics at Little Human Scholars preschool, playschool and daycare centre to support children in learning the basics before learning to read.  This builds a solid foundation of learning, confidence and memorisation which supports them now and later in primary school.

Little Human Scholars preschool, playschool, kindergarten and full daycare centre in PJ provides the best play-based education for children.

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Jana Moreno,