School is starting, and with it comes new routines, schedules and daily rituals.  As you may know, some children excel at accepting change and adapt well to a new school regime, where others resist it.  Because each child is different, it is important to understand what works for one doesn’t always work for the next, and honouring your child’s unique perspectives, likes, dislikes and personality is one way you can transition them effortlessly into starting school.

Starting Playschool, Preschool and Daycare

I have found that the younger a child starts in daycare, the easier it can be for them to start school.  For example, at Little Human Scholars preschool, playschool, daycare and nursery, children are enrolled as young as two months old into either part-time or full-time daycare.  By the time they start school, they are used to the customs and routines of the school.

But what about the other children who were never in daycare?  What if a child is starting school for the first time at either two, three or four years old?

Easing Your Child into Their First Day of School

  1. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it isn’t.

As stated above, some children settle in easy during their first day of school while others resist the new changes.  Remember to be supportive and patient.  After a while, your child will settle into school without any issues.

  1. Help them look forward to school.

Talk with your child in a positive, cheerful manner about school daily.  Regardless of how young they are, you will be surprised at how much they understand.

  1. Make them as comfortable as possible.

Even if it means bringing a blankie to school, allow them something which reminds them of you or of their home.  My daughter is eight years old and STILL has a blanket from when she was an infant – she especially loves taking it with her when she travels as it reminds her of home.

  1. Don’t be emotional when you drop your child off at school.

This was a tough one for me.  As a mom it is always a little emotional dropping your child off at school for the first time.  But keep in mind, if they see YOU being clingy and worried when you drop them off at school, they are going to know something is wrong and will react unfavourably  Sure, some children will cry for the first few weeks their parents drop them off, but if they see this is a normal occurrence in your eyes, they will get over it faster.

  1. Make a BIG DEAL out of school items.

There is nothing like taking your child to the store and having them pick out a new backpack, lunch box and so on.  If you make preparing for school a fun activity, they will begin to associate “fun” with “school” which will make it easier for them (and for you).  This is how I got my daughter to eat her veggies – if she helped pick them out and prepare them, of course she will eat them!  If they do begin missing you, reassure them you will see them again in a few hours and redirect their focus to their school items.

  1. Celebrate your child finishing school every day.

When you go to pick your child up from school, celebrate with them on a day well spent!  Make a big deal out of everything they learned and remind them how proud you are of them.  You can even go so far as to help them anticipate how great the next school day will be.  One routine I do with my daughter is affirming all the wonderful things about her school while we are on the way to school.  I’ll ask her things like, “What is going to be great at school today?”  And she rattles off one thing after another about all the things she loves about school.


In summary, starting your child in a new school is an adventure for them AND for you.  It isn’t always easy navigating the waters of parenthood, but with a little preparation any new endeavour can be an easy and rewarding one.

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Wishing you happy parenting experiences!!

Jana Moreno